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I am an industry renowned, qualified, and experienced health and safety consultant out of Fife offering health and safety advice, RAMS (risk assessment methods) and health and safety training courses across Edinburgh, Glasgow, and central belt. Whether you’re a small business looking to stay ahead of the competition looking for a skilled H&S specialist, or you are a large organisation who need a full health and safety system including fire risk assessments within your business, I have the complete skills, in-hand experience and industry accreditations to ensure your business can be health and safety compliant.

Health and Safety Services

I will advise and guide you, so as, your employees have a safe place to work and that you, as the company / employer, are compliant with the law.


Winter is Coming

I can hear you shouting "It's the end of September, what do you mean prepare!" However, unfortunately we do need to prepare as, to quote Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming. This means that we have to be more aware or additional hazards brought by the changing seasons.

BBC Radio Scotland GM Scotland - Scottish Climate Citizens Assembly involving Yvonne Beaumont
Phil Beaumont on 04/03/2021